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The UnBurekable Bond

It all started when Ariana (right) approached her aunt Alida (left) with a simple request—to teach her how to make traditional Albanian recipes in honor of her late grandmother, Magbule. On Sundays, they found solace in baking together, reminiscing about her while bringing her recipes to life. Soon enough, they were debuting their Bureks at local markets in NYC from the Columbus Circle Holiday Market to the Queens Night Market, receiving overwhelming support from customers around the world. And so came the start of an ‘unBurekable’ bond: the birth of Balkan Bites, a small company with a big mission to share a piece of their culture through everyday Southeast European comfort foods.

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Map highlighting the Balkans in Europe

The Balkans

The Balkans is a geographic area that lies on the southeastern edge of Europe. Known for its diverse cultures, traditions, and ethnicities, it is the shared love of food, like the Burek, that brings people together. Originally introduced by the nomadic Turks of Central Asia, the flaky phyllo swirl travelled across borders for centuries, adopting different names and shapes. As the Burek continues to break boundaries, the cultural significance of this everyday staple lives on in the streets of the Balkans to this day.